Royston Health Trust
Schools Learn to Swim and Water Safety Programme

  • Aimed at fostering water safety, confidence, and swimming skills
  • A structured curriculum tailored to school groups from Year 3 to year 8
  • Inclusive and supportive learning environment for all skill levels
  • Focus is on technique, water acclimatisation, stroke development, water rescue skills and responsible behaviour around water
  • Engaging and interactive teaching methods
  • Encourages a love for swimming and lifelong passion for aquatic activities
  • Instils a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance
  • 8 week duration, 30 minute lessons

Schools Learn to Swim & Water Safety Programmes sponsored by

Schools Water Safety Programme

  • Ensures well-being and security of students in water settings
  • Interactive sessions with hands-on training
  • Covers aspects like recognising water hazards, basic rescue techniques, and responsible behaviour
  • Emphasises the importance of precautionary measures
  • Equips students to assess risks, respond to emergencies, and promote water safety awareness
  • Aims to empower students with confidence and knowledge for water-related activities
  • 2.5 hour session
  • Catered to groups from Year 5 to Year 8
  • Maximum of 70 swimmers in one session
  • $24 per student including gst