3-5 years

Learning to swim improves your child's motor skills and creates a fulfilling love for the water.

All our preschool swimmers are grouped into the levels below regarding their ability.



In this first level swimmers will focus on becoming confident in the water with learning how to safely enter and exit the pool. There will be focus on learning how to blow bubbles and float front and back


Swimmers will be able to comfortably submerge and float front and back on their own. They will be introduced into a basic kick understanding​​​​​​​


Coordination of arms and kicking will be focused on at this level. With being able to rotate from front to back. A strong streamline push off will be worked on with introduction into side kick and arm cycles


Engaging and introducing breathing skills and drills. Able to swim 15m with aid rolling to breathe and 15m of backstroke swim. Introduced into dive progressions and Breaststroke arms


Coordinating of breathing, arms and legs in freestyle, aiming to swim 15m Freestyle and Backstroke. Have a basic understanding of Breaststroke

General Information

  • Cost: $19 per lesson

  • Class duration: 30 minutes

  • Warm teaching pool

  • Instructor ratio 1:3

  • Classes available during the morning and afternoon weekdays/weekends

  • Swimming caps googles required