3 to 36 months

Our fun filled lessons are designed to create a bonding experience with your baby and toddler through water based games and songs.

Parents or caregivers will be in the water with your baby or toddler which creates the opportunity to bond through fun and play. Babies and Toddlers are grouped on ability and there is a smooth transition between levels.


Little Dippers (3 to 6 months)

This is the initial level for all young babies from 3-6 months to join.  In this level babies and parents will be introduced into the water through fun and enjoyable activities.

Tiny Tadpoles/ Tadpoles (6 to 36 months)

Two classes are run at this level. For babies from 6-18 months and for toddlers 18-36 months. The skills learnt are the same in both classes but are designed to meet the development level of each age group.


Babies and toddlers learn how to submerge with independance. Learning how to glide from parent to instructor with the focus on becoming independant.


In the last level of the programme Babies and Toddlers are independent. They are floating front and back and introduced into kicking. They are attempting to pick up toys from the bottom of the pool and engaging in learning arms.

General Information​​​​​​​

  • Cost: $19 per lesson

  • Class duration: 30 minutes

  • Warm teaching pool​​​​​​​

  • Instructor ratio 1:8 

  • Parents/Caregivers are required in the water at all times

  • Goggles are recommended for swimmers

  • Morning weekday, weekend classes