Classes are designed to work on all the skills learnt in the school age classes. A technical focus is aimed in the mini squad levels. Classes range for 30 minutes to 1 hour.  All swimmers will be assessed and placed at the appropriate level.


Development Squad

30 Minutes

Continue focus on rotation kick front and back with more focus on technical skills. More emphasis is aimed at Breaststroke and Butterfly timing. Tumble turns, touch turns and dives are worked on. More distance is swam within lesson time​​​​​​​

Performance Squad

45 Minutes

Breaststroke and Butterfly is further developed and more distance is swam during lesson time. Dives and turns are mastered with introduction into more race skills​​​​​​​

Elite Squad

60 Minutes

All strokes are worked on and mastered with more of a focus on race skills and drills


General Information

  • Cost: $21-23 per lesson

  • Class duration: 45-60 minutes

  • Warm teaching pool

  • Instructor ratio 1:8-10

  • Classes are available after school weekdays/ weekends

  • Swimming caps and goggles required